Opens a prefabricated house company in a warehouse on the AVE in Venta del Pobre |The Voice of Almeria

2022-06-15 16:28:01 By : Mr. Frank Zhao

Nevo, a prefabricated house company from Almeria, has taken over an AVE concrete production factory in Venta del Pobre, to expand its facilities for industrial construction.The new warehouse, previously dedicated to the high-speed train works, is 4,500 meters long and is located on an area of ​​26,000 meters.Nevo prefabricated houses are a kind of 'all-inclusive' which includes the construction, transport and installation of the house on the client's land, the project and construction management.The new facilities, in the municipality of Níjar, have a production capacity of up to 9,000 square meters per year of prefabricated modules in a single production shift.The warehouse is equipped with fixed and portable machinery for lifting and moving heavy loads.“All the machines are electric and with this we achieve the decarbonization of production.In addition, we continue working to offset all emissions and to consume energy from renewable sources, which will allow us to offer emission-neutral products”, explains Alberto Ordaz, partner at Nevo.The company highlights the efficient use of water whose consumption has been reduced by 80% thanks to the use of dry construction systems.“We have a pool for decanting the water before it is discharged into the network.Thanks to this, we purify the water consumed and separate it from solid waste, minimizing its contamination”, adds the Nevo Construcciones Industrializadas partner.Ordaz assures that: “Compliance with the SDGs and the fight against climate change are in the DNA of our company and are part of our corporate values.Not only do we want to avoid polluting emissions at source, but also for our products to have a long useful life at destination thanks to the quality of the raw materials and our construction systems”, he concludes.Nevo, with headquarters in Almeria, also has facilities in Murcia and its clients include Aedas Home and Dragados.Check the updated online article on our website: for-sale-of-the-poor