Dorman releases more than 270 new solutions

2023-01-06 17:31:19 By : Mr. Qizhong Huang

Dorman Products recently announced the release of 279 new light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicle repair parts and components. Related Articles - Volvo Group, Pilot Co. to build a national public heavy-duty charging network - Detroit celebrates one million heavy-duty engines - Schuster equips full fleet with E-SMART to improve safety

New this month is a Dorman OE FIX engine crankcase vent valve, also known as a PCV assembly, for more than 100,000 Audi and Volkswagen vehicles in North America. The valve covers on popular Passat, Touareg, CC and Q7 vehicles with V6 engines have an integrated PCV valve. When the diaphragm rips, shops and consumers were previously forced to purchase an entire new valve cover assembly just to replace a small piece. This kit helps professionals and vehicle owners reduce their repair cost by directly replacing the failure-prone valve, and it includes a new valve cover gasket. It also expands on Dorman’s line of valve cover solutions, including an additional nine new valve covers. Torsion Spring Adjustment

Dorman releases more than 270 new solutions

Another new and improved solution is an OE FIX steering wobble kit for a decade’s worth of JK Jeep Wranglers, from 2007 to 2018. Jeeps can experience an infamous “wobble” that is typically the result of a road shock that’s transmitted directly through worn components in the original front suspension. This kit is designed to reduce the susceptibility of the Wrangler’s solid front axle to this condition and help ensure more predictable and consistent steering performance. Dorman’s kit has a differentiated approach that includes three distinct fixes. First, key wear items are replaced with more durable solutions, including upgraded ball joints that boast an oversized ball and convenient grease fittings for easy service during routine lube jobs. Second, the kit includes a specially redesigned track bar that alters the steering geometry. And third, the kit includes a heavy-duty steering damper and quick-disconnect sway bar links for even better control and articulation when drivers go rock-crawling or mudding. Dorman previously released a similar kit for earlier TJ-model Jeeps.

Also new is an OE FIX coolant sensor for Mack refuse trucks. The original equipment coolant level sensor on certain Macks may provide inaccurate data that sends the engine into limp mode, causing costly vehicle downtime. This OE FIX solution more consistently and accurately monitors coolant levels by using a magnetic float with a larger swept area and a stainless steel shaft potted with epoxy, helping drivers and fleet managers keep trucks running longer.

Dorman continues to accelerate growth and investments in the emerging technology landscape, based on its commitment to be a coverage leader in this area. Dorman currently covers more than one billion repair opportunities with its extensive lineup of emerging technology parts that span across complex electronics, EV/hybrid powertrain and non-powertrain categories. New this month is an OE FIX door handle repair kit for 2012-2021 Tesla S vehicles.

The original equipment exterior door handle assembly on these popular electric vehicles can fail to present the handle when the weak internal paddle gear breaks or the microswitch wiring becomes damaged from constant flexing. This OE FIX exterior door handle repair kit features a stronger and longer-lasting stainless steel paddle gear, new microswitch, and the fasteners and O-rings required to make a complete repair that will help prevent future handle issues caused by the same failure-prone factory components.

Other new solutions include 20 new upgraded coil springs designed to provide a 35% to 70% increase in load handling capacity, custom-engineered to improve ride quality, reduce driver fatigue, and improve handling on many pickup trucks, SUVs, RVs, plow trucks, vans and more; and a new air suspension upfit kit for 2009 to 2014 Ford F-150s, an add-on solution designed to help compensate for a sagging suspension by providing additional support to maintain factory-like ride height and handling. The patent-pending solution includes air springs that feature a fail-safe design that includes a more substantial internal coil spring, and the kit includes all the components required for a complete, straightforward installation with no drilling, welding, or special tools required.

Hexagon Agility, a provider of compressed natural gas (RNG/CNG) systems for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions, announced that Autocar has integrated Hexagon Agility’s Blue iQ smart gauge into its Always Up display. Hexagon Agility’s Blue iQ smart gauge allows RNG/CNG trucks to have real-time information about the truck’s fuel management system displayed, which calculates

Hexagon Agility, a provider of compressed natural gas (RNG/CNG) systems for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions, announced that Autocar has integrated Hexagon Agility’s Blue iQ smart gauge into its Always Up display.

Hexagon Agility’s Blue iQ smart gauge allows RNG/CNG trucks to have real-time information about the truck’s fuel management system displayed, which calculates distance to empty, provides ongoing accurate fuel readings and instant fuel economy, and tracks trip data. It is currently available with most Hexagon Agility fuel systems.

BendPak introduces its AP Series – the next generation of two-post lifts with patent-pending features designed to make lifting internal combustion and electric cars, trucks and vans safer, easier and more efficient, the company says. Related Articles – Volvo receives record order for electric trucks in Australia – Samsara shares 2023 trucking industry predictions – Pacific Coast Heavy

System 1 Filtration Products has expanded its lineup of cleanable oil filters to include an extra-tall model that’s 7-3/4 in. in length, 3-3/4 in. in diameter, and ideally suited for robust automotive and light-duty truck use. It’s equipped with a 35-micron stainless steel element that provides excellent filtration of lubricants up to 20W-50 while maintaining

Sensata Technologies has developed a new tire mounted sensor for vehicle and tire OEMs to deliver enhanced safety, performance, and data insights. Related Articles – Old World Industries launches Final Charge Pro-Series with heavy-duty coolant technology – Phillips details R&D expansion efforts – ISAAC now officially a McLeod Software Certified Integration Partner Sensata’s tire mounted sensor

Designers and engineers of multiple vehicle types are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to develop new innovations that improve the driving experience. All-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes are a few examples that may have come to mind from past innovations. Related Articles – Pressure Systems International announces new organizational appointments – Developing truck

It’s common for engine manufacturers to use a check valve, sometimes called a one-way valve, to allow the flow of fluids to move in only one direction. It’s the traffic cop of a fuel system. These valves are found in almost every mobile and industrial hydraulic system. If there’s a pump, you’ll likely find a check valve

The price of gas steadily climbs along with consumer expectations in the growing market. Now, more than ever, fleet operators are depending on their trucks to get the job done right and in a timely manner. That cannot be done if your trailers are rolling on underinflated tires. Tire pressure plays an important role in

Trucker Path recently announced the addition of Geotab ELD and telematics technologies to its growing suite of products and services. Branded as Trucker Path ELD Powered by Geotab, the solution’s ELD technology provides hours of service and DVIR compliance while the telematics adds vehicle utilization, performance and health assessments along with other telematics-driven capabilities. The new

Continental recently announced a promotion for its Truck Tires business in the Americas region, which is comprised of medium/heavy commercial tires. Renato Sarzano, head of Truck Tire the Americas, recently announced that Shaun Uys was promoted to head of U.S. Market Replacement Truck Tire including responsibility for Truck Tire U.S. Key Accounts Management (KAM) Fleets. Related

Dorman releases more than 270 new solutions

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