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2022-06-15 16:28:11 By : Mr. Raymond Ren

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Portable air conditioners are a great investment during the summertime. Whether you live in an apartment with no central AC or need to equip your home with extra cooling, this nifty home appliance will make your indoor space feel comforting and less stuffy. There are so many portable air conditioners and air coolers on the market, so we rounded up the best ones and broke down the specs ahead.

We found a few options that come with a complete window kit for easy installation. With these, you can easily uninstall and reinstall the unit into different windows of your home. Some of these are equipped with dehumidifiers or humidifiers, so you can pick the best one for your climate. We even found a few smart options that you can control via an app or your favorite voice assistant. There are plenty of portable air conditioners that will keep you cool for the summer, even a few perfect for smaller spaces. Shop our top picks ahead.

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