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Cheap does not always mean poor quality.Each time modular home builders bring more functional products to the market at very competitive prices.We show you some of the prices and models of cheap prefabricated houses that you can buy in Spain.First of all, we must point out what defines the price of a prefabricated house.The cost of a modular home depends on multiple factors, just like that of traditional construction.On the final cost affects:The Spanish company Eurocasa stands out for having high-quality customizable prefabricated houses in its catalog at very affordable prices.However, it should be noted that much of its price depends on the configuration and materials.In fact, one of the strong points of this company is the configurator on its website, which shows how the prefabricated house you want would look like.The MOD A/1 model has a total area of ​​31.69 m2.It is a modern prefabricated house, with a loft-type distribution, which incorporates a kitchen, living room and bedroom in the same room, separating the rooms with a large wardrobe.Its price starts from 55,196 euros for the most basic configuration.It has an energy rating A.The same company offers another slightly larger and more expensive modern prefab.Its MOD B/1 design has a total area of ​​49.56 m2, distributed in a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen open to the living room.Its price starts from 79,600 euros.The MOD A/2 model has a total area of ​​55.78 m2.It has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a loft-style living room with a kitchen.It is a modern modular home that stands out for its large windows.The price for the most basic product is 87,182 euros.The Lithuanian company Pineca is one of the most powerful companies of prefabricated wooden houses.One of its cheapest and most striking models is ASTRID.Inspired by Scandinavian construction, this modular home has an area of ​​90 m2.This wooden house is distributed on two levels and is configured to house 10 rooms.It is designed to be a habitual residence, a holiday residence or even as a holiday accommodation.Its price is 49,490 euros.This prefabricated house from the Pineca brand has a loft-type design.Its surface, 36 m2, is divided into two floors.The lower one has 20 m2 and the upper one 16 m2.Its price is 11,059 euros.It has a bathroom and a large living room and a bedroom.This prefabricated wooden house is priced at 10,444 euros.It can serve as a guest house or as a first residence, since it can be conditioned as such, although its surface is 32 m2.The distribution of the house is divided into three spaces: the main living area, a second room and a bathroom space.It can be equipped with a kitchen.If what you are looking for is a cheap, resistant and concrete prefabricated house, Casas Cube is a mandatory stop in your search.The price depends on the design and the surface.These are some of their models.The Cube Basic range stands out for its reduced dimensions.They have one bedroom and one bathroom, which makes them ideal for vacation homes or tourist accommodation.A few years ago, before the rise in materials, its price was 32,898 euros (turnkey pack).Cube 50 is the cheapest model in its standard range.Forged with concrete slabs, as its name reveals, it has a surface area of ​​50 m2, distributed in a bedroom and a bathroom.The turnkey pack of this prefabricated concrete house includes the interior finishes (kitchen and bathroom furniture included), the foundation and other issues to take into account.One of the most interesting proposals that we can find on the national scene is Tiny Home, by the Madrid studio Delavegacanolasso.With their 'back to the countryside' project, they offer a low-cost and quickly built housing solution to all those who want to leave the city for greener pastures.The price starts at just over 44,000 euros, for the 23 m2 model, and at 51,900 euros, for the 34 m2 model, although it depends on the configuration, finishes, equipment and efficiency, being able to choose a self-sufficient option.These modern design prefabricated houses are built in factories and reach the customer within an average of two months from purchase.They can be placed on any plot, either as a first residence, guest house or extra studio.You can configure them yourself on their website.The DIY and decoration firm BAUHAUS offers prefabricated houses made with shipping containers from 12,499 euros.Their homes have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room and are delivered ready to move into.Modular homes are designed according to customer preferences.The conditioning is carried out by BAUHAUS, which makes its entire catalog available both for the reform and for the decoration of the different rooms.The Spanish prefabricated house startup Onarc, which belongs to the business accelerator (Lanzadera) promoted by Juan Roig, owner of Mercadona, has a 30 m2 prefabricated house intended for rural tourism.This modular house responds to the name of Liten and is designed to be installed anywhere causing minimal impact on its environment.It is built in the factory and transported to the place of installation, ready to move in at that moment.Prefabricated houses have also reached the second-hand market.Most of these homes that can be purchased are mobile, as they require being able to relocate.If you are thinking of buying a second-hand prefabricated house, you should pay special attention to its condition.These are some examples:This second-hand modular home offered by Micasamóvil has an area of ​​32 m2, two bedrooms and a bathroom.Its price is 13,000 euros.This model has an area of ​​32 m2, distributed in three bedrooms and a bathroom.It is fully equipped and includes a kitchen.Its price is 13,500 euros.This mobile prefabricated house responds to the 'tiny home' type.It is a house on wheels, which makes the most of the space and can be configured to have all kinds of equipment.The interior is distributed on two floors.The upper one is intended for the bedroom.The lower one, on the other hand, is designed to be a living room and to have the necessary facilities for living (bathroom, kitchen, etc.).Its price starts at 18,760 euros and can be purchased on Aliexpress.The price of a prefabricated house depends on the dimensions, materials, design and location.As a general rule, log homes are the cheapest of all manufactured homes, although it depends on the configuration.The cheapest prefabricated houses are usually found on Aliexpress.They respond to the 'tiny home' type, that is, small houses on wheels.The Asian sales giant offers some models for about 11,000 euros.A well-made prefabricated house lasts the same years as a traditionally built house, between 50 and 70 years.And they can exceed this time as long as good maintenance is carried out.The price of installing a wooden house on a piece of land depends on its complexity.Most manufacturers offer the option of including the foundation in the price.In the case of a mobile wooden house, the cost will be the cost of transporting it.Modular homes have options for all tastes and pockets.They are efficient and quick to build.Its demand is booming, but some companies have already come a long way.One of them is Pineca.Of Lithuanian origin, it is a family business that has been in the prefabricated wooden house sector for almost thirty years.idealista/news had the opportunity to talk with Victoria Seijas, team manager in Spain.How many years have you been in the sector?The war in Ukraine has affected many sectors and companies.One of them is Solidbud, a firm of prefabricated wooden houses, whose distribution abroad has been interrupted due to the terrible war.Solidbud was founded in 2003. Since then, the company has produced more than 550 properties.Their work doesn't just stay in homes, the brand manufactures everything from buildings to hotels, all using wood.Its activity is divided into four parts: turnkey prefabricated houses, 'tiny homes', undecorated houses and structural frames for those owners who want to build the rest of their home as they please.The catalog of prefabricated and sustainable houses continues to grow.Little by little, this type of housing is gaining market shares in an environment of greater competition.For this reason, companies in this sector strive to offer the best products, in which values ​​such as design and sustainability are essential to make a difference and seduce potential customers.In this context, the Latvian company Manta North designs and manufactures small prefabricated houses with sustainable materials and energy efficient living spaces.Despite being based in the small Baltic country, its market is much broader, shipping its products to the rest of Europe and the United States.With its prefabricated homes, it makes it easy to create a home, set up a weekend retreat, or set up a guest house or garden office.Suomma is a company of Spanish origin that joins the fractional purchase or co-ownership model.Like its competitors, this company offers eight shares of each of the second homes it has in its portfolio through the formation of an SL But in this case it differs by its price (between 50,000 and 80,000 euros per share) and by the possibility of being able to rent the days or weeks that the owner cannot enjoy.After the pandemic, many people have decided to change their lifestyle.They seek to live outside the city to have a bigger house, be in the middle of nature and have more space to enjoy life.For this reason, rustic houses are a type of housing highly sought after by those who want to escape the chaos of the city and work from the country house.Country houses are, in general, houses with stone and brick walls, wooden ceilings, masonry kitchens or terracotta floors.In 2017, Dazia Capital bought an almost dilapidated building at number 4 Calle Calatrava (Madrid) and has now converted it into a property with 14 homes (4 tourist flats and 10 medium-term leases).These second ones are available from 2,100 euros and since March they have already attracted many foreign clients and many art-related tenants due to the location of the asset and the decoration that mixes the traditional and the modern of the capital of Spain. .Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona are among the 10 European cities where it is more profitable to rent a home.This is the conclusion reached by Masteos, a platform specialized in rental investments.According to a study by the French 'proptech', which has analyzed the current prices per m2 of homes and per m2 of rent in the main cities of Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom, Valencia is the most prominent Spanish city in the ranking.