This $24,000 Space Camper For The Tesla Cybertruck Looks Pretty Impressive | Carscoops

2022-06-16 02:15:25 By : Ms. robin wong

Yet another startup has emerged promising a camper attachment for the non-existent Tesla Cybertruck. The company in question is dubbed Space Campers and is developing a large camper attachment for the electric pickup truck that could make it perfect for off-grid adventures.

The camper-section sits into the bed of the pickup and includes a large roof that can open up to provide up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) of standing space. Space Camper’s creation also promises to be extremely versatile.

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In fact, the company notes that the camper can house a large double bed that can be folded down from the roof section. When the bed isn’t in use, it can be folded away, providing space for a small sink and benchtop, an induction cooker, water heater, fridge/freezer, a desk, and a small seating area, allowing owners to work remotely from wherever they can get internet.

A key advantage of a camper like this for an electric vehicle, as opposed to a combustion vehicle, is the fact that all of the electrical equipment runs off the pickup’s battery. That means there’s no need for external batteries or generators to keep things running.

The company says its camper attachment also features a solar roof, interior lighting, four electrical outlets, an adjustable awning, a built-in exhaust vent, and keyless entry. Buyers can also opt for a roof rack, thermal padded flooring, a built-in movie projector, and an outside shower enclosure complete with a portable toilet.

The camper isn’t cheap. In fact, it will start at $24,000 and reservations are currently open on the company’s website with refundable deposits ranging from $100 through to $10,000. Those placing a larger deposit will have production priority and receive other perks.

This isn’t the first startup to begin taking reservations for a Cybertruck camper. Last year, a company by the name of ‘Stream It’ made headlines with its $50,000 CyberLandr camper.

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