So you can increase your sales through digital platforms

2022-06-15 11:20:04 By : Ms. Cara Yu

Subscribe to Merca2.0 and access more than 3,500 exclusive articles for subscribers.Click hereIn order to increase your sales through digital platforms, it is necessary to know the entire ecosystem.It is not enough to have general knowledge of how they work.Nor is it enough to understand the magnitude of the great e-commerce events.You have to have a global domain, starting from your products, going through the consumer and ending with these tools.Data indicates that those who have decided to venture into online sales platforms have managed to capture a greater number of sales.The pandemic was the exact moment in which these platforms stood out and managed to become essential sites for digital consumers.For Mexico, the consumer is one of the key points for economic stability.Although there are difficulties, such as inflation and slowing growth, consumption stands out as the main lifeline.It is considered "the bright spot" of the country's economy, according to an extensive report by the Reuters agency.It also highlights that the spending of Mexicans increased as Mexicans living abroad sent a record 12.5 billion in remittances home during the first quarter.Likewise, tourism recovered and pandemic restrictions and infections eased, while the labor market remained strong.Likewise, Fitch Ratings recently pointed out that consumption is one of the greatest strengths of the Mexican economy.“Consumption has reached pre-pandemic levels, benefiting from the relaxation of mobility restrictions, an improving labor market and relatively strong remittances,” he commented in a study.Likewise, according to the first study, companies in general are experiencing an improvement in demand.In fact, the restaurant operator Alsea, (Domino's and Starbucks), recorded a year-over-year growth in net income of 49 percent during the first quarter of the year.As if that were not enough, a study published by the Statista portal indicates that, since 2020, companies such as Grupo Bimbo, Sigma Alimentos, Gruma, PepsiCo Alimentos México, Grupo LALA and Industrias Bachoco have been able to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic.Wunderman Thompson Commerce recently presented a study called Future Shopper Commerce CX LATAM, where it shows the importance of knowing the changes in consumer trends.In 2022, the use of digital platforms has become a necessity.The consumer demands new services and new sales strategies.However, in order to obtain efficient results and increase sales, it is essential to consider within the strategy and planning, the correct platforms and means to achieve it.Some of the platforms where this can be achieved are Amazon, Mercado Libre, AliExpress and Linio, among others.It is essential to know the impact of all of them and identify which one is the most convenient for your company.For example, the Statista portal, in 2021, indicated that Mercado Libre registered net income of more than 1.1 billion US dollars in Mexico alone, this could be an indicator of the great success of the Argentine platform in Mexican territory.However, it is not enough to consider the success of a platform.It is essential to have a solid planning of e-commerce and performance, accompanied by a robust analysis with different criteria.According to a study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, 56 percent of the digital sales of a product or brand can be attributed to the creativity of its proposal.Audience insights are necessary, we must generate a positive impact on the audience through a mixture of images and eye-catching videos that decorate the product, think about optimizing videos for mobile devices, highlight the brand against any advertisement and generate a relationship of closeness and familiarity with the consumer, which translates into sales conversions in a short period of time if done well.Based on a market study, the Mindshare company shares some of the most important keys to generating effective sales using digital platforms:1. Identify which are the best platforms that we must integrate: it will depend on the product to be sold and the format that is sought to be built.2. Timing and how we should integrate: Knowing the essential e-commerce events such as Buen Fin, Hot Sale, Christmas and Back to School should encourage each campaign creator to anticipate creative copy and advertising that is pleasant and familiar, not saturate the audience.It is important to develop monitoring strategies according to consumer behavior.3. Have advanced measurement and applied technology: this is achieved with the automation of processes on the platforms through artificial intelligence that allows us to generate better optimizations based on the main objective, analysis and verification of our sales process (UX site build) .4. Presentation of the product or service in a complete way: have a complete and attractive page of products so that users can learn more about the products offered and can offer with greater knowledge.It is essential to have an optimized site to avoid customer confusion and despair.5. Use of dynamic creatives: this is a complete retargeting strategy that helps to return the consumer to the initial point of sale.This seeks to give a personalized message to the correct audience, take into account the target that you are going to contact and avoid taking false steps or wasting time with other types of clients that probably do not fit into your sales ecosystem.6. CRO Strategy (Convertion Rate Optimization): this adds value to identify the moment of the user and possible client of the site.For example, a loyal user who buys every 1.5 months is different from a user who stays on the first page or the user who already has products in the cart, therefore, we must give each of these users a different response and treatment. , and these strategies are generated from CRO platforms that help us give different messages and recover users to return to the cart.Consequently, the creation of a digital campaign goes beyond simply developing the brand's social networks, it is always necessary to find a way to connect with our audience through insights, and with these, implement something creative using the different tools, platforms and taking advantage of all temporalities in order to increase sales.Betty leaves Netflix to get to Walmart;"divine" cosplay goes viralThey show resellers of Corona Capital;“I bought 40 tickets by mistake”Dubbing actor shows what advertising would be like "if I told you the truth"They analyze alien language and deny the influencer of Venga la AlegríaFrom Madrid to Mexico City, the most reliable source of global marketing strategies.A look at the strategies of the big brands and consumer trends.Sign up for our newsletter in the following way and receive the most important marketing, advertising and media news in your email first thing in the morning.The issue of NFTs continues to set the trend and the conversation in the so-called digital pulse, although there are still many doubts about it.Through the social network Twitter, a vacancy for the position of graphic design surprised everyone due to its peculiar statement.Merca2.0 presents you with a brief summary of the most relevant things that happen in the marketing industry at a national and international level.The last few years have been crucial in the world of digital trends, where NFTs, the Metaverse and other virtual opportunities have been particularly liked by consumers.© Copyright 2017 MARKETING ADVERTISING MARKETING NEWS |Merca2.0 Magazine – All rights reserved – The total or partial reproduction of the contents of this site is prohibited without the written authorization of Grupo de Comunicación Katedra SA de CV Privacy policies