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2022-06-15 11:19:15 By : Ms. Claire Cheng

HEY house features low-maintenance, durable concrete blocks from Brickworks.

HEY house was designed by owners Pia and Richie Willemsen of Willemsen Architecture. The duo wanted a home for their young family, and the project took its name from the initials of their three children.

Richie Willemsen said of the project, “I chose to owner-build because we wanted to push the boundaries of architecture, but also be able to push the limits right through from the design stage to the completion of the build, and we learnt a lot.”

Recognized for its striking design and lasting durability, HEY House received the inaugural Philip Follent Award for Building of the Year as part of the 2021 Australian Institute of Architects Regional Architecture Awards.

A key design concept was ensuring the house was as low-maintenance as possible, for minimal future costs and hassle. The project has no external paint or render. Concrete blocks – GB Masonry Honed in Porcelain and GB Masonry Smooth in Porcelain from Brickworks – are a key feature, running from the outside in, for design continuity and durability. The blocks are sleek and neutral, assimilating into the surrounding environment, and will develop a natural patina over time.

HEY house is predominantly composed of concrete and light-weight wood. The materiality ensures energy efficiency and excellent thermal qualities; with concrete construction, costs of heating and cooling will be slashed year-round.

The house is built around a central courtyard and pool, with the living areas on the ground level, and the sleeping and office spaces upstairs where there is more light and privacy. Large sliding doors and windows connect the kitchen and living space to the external patio, offering a lifestyle that interacts with the outdoors.

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Built with Brickworks: HEY House by Willemsen Architecture

Built with Brickworks: HEY House by Willemsen Architecture

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