Cheap prefabricated houses with four rooms for less than 100,000 euros

2022-06-15 11:20:08 By : Mr. Mark Wang

Companies specializing in modular housing offer all kinds of designs, including some spacious houses with rooms for families with more than two children.When buying a prefabricated house, several points must be taken into account.On the one hand, it is important to know in advance where we will place the structure, since in many cases it is essential to have the permission of the locality or a private land where to install them.In addition, it is also necessary to agree with the construction company those aspects that will not be included in the final price, such as transport, assembly or even added details.Another essential point is to know the construction material of this modular home, because depending on the use we make of it, one or the other will be more convenient.Currently, many prefabricated houses are made of wood, but there are also others made of concrete, steel or even from shipping containers.Once we know all these technical details, we will have to choose those that best suit our needs.Although prefabricated houses are usually small, there are also superior models with up to four bedrooms and several bathrooms that have nothing to envy traditional homes.Let's see some Easy House models that can be ideal for large families due to their large surface area.This model from the Steel House company is designed for temporary stays.They have a living room with an integrated kitchen, two double rooms, two single rooms and two bathrooms.In addition, it is built in steel, has PVC windows, air conditioning and wooden floors.The client can also request, on request, underfloor heating and furniture included.This house is only available to build in the Balearic Islands and it must be taken into account that its price does not include VAT, transport, electrical appliances and kitchen furniture.It is a prefabricated house built in wood from the Woodville company with capacity between six and eight people.Its flexible and highly customizable design allows interested users to adapt the home to their tastes.It has some extras such as home automation, air conditioning, efficient ventilation, water cycle and energy self-sufficiency systems to make it more sustainable.In total it has four bedrooms and a bathroom in an area of ​​75 m².Their construction time is between three and four months and they ship to the entire peninsula.Of course, the figure does not include other expenses such as VAT, transport, foundations, construction management, lighting, technical project, geotechnical study or telecommunications.This prefabricated wooden house from the firm Casas Nuevas Low Cost is very spacious with its 93 m² and capacity for up to seven people.It is built on two floors and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a living room with an integrated kitchen and a small outdoor porch.Projects are only carried out in Catalonia and the price does not include VAT, construction management, the geotechnical study, the topographical plan and the technical project.It is a prefabricated house with a modern design built in steel, concrete and wood.The company that manufactures it is called Home Center and ships to the entire peninsula.It has four bedrooms, three of which are doubles, two bathrooms and a living-dining room with an integrated kitchen.Outside, there is a small porch available.In this case, the sale price does not include other expenses such as VAT, foundation, construction management, geotechnical study, topographical plan and technical project.Information.Calle Canarias nº 49, 1st floor.Madrid, 28045, SpainAlso follow us on:Information.Calle Canarias nº 49, 1st floor.Madrid, 28045, SpainInformation.Calle Canarias nº 49, 1st floor.Madrid, 28045, Spain