Watch Travis Pastrana in 862-HP Subaru in 'Gymkhana 2022'

2023-01-03 13:04:36 By : Ms. YH Chen

Florida is the perfect host of crazy for Hoonigan's newest Gymkhana video.

The year 2008 marked the internet's first peek inside the wild interworkings of the brain of rally-star and DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block. As deeply as his viral Gymkhana videos left their primordial tire marks on abandoned runways, so too grew the insanity of the stunts. Doing donuts around a Segway rider with a 2006 Subaru WRX STI would eventually progress into hanging 1400 hp worth of Hoonicorn Mustang beyond the last few parts of granite along Pikes Peak Mountain. The series continues, as you see here, with rally champ Travis Pastrana behind the wheel of an 862-hp Subaru GL wagon. Bush Hammer Bit Hilti

Watch Travis Pastrana in 862-HP Subaru in

In the newest episode of the now 12-part Gymkhana series, Pastrana's Gymkhana 2022 had to pile on the crazy to top the Electrikhana Audi S1 video filmed in Las Vegas earlier this year, and it certainly did. This time around, the Hoonigan team found a fitting locale for their tire-burning antics in the state just as crazy as their ideas: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The glorious bellow of burned hydrocarbons is back. Monster trucks, fighter jets, jet skis, and 160-mph jumps with Pastrana's Family Huckster wagon are the ingredients to Gymkhana 2022. Even the Floridian fan boats get involved this time around. The Daredevil invited a few old friends too. Monster Jam's Sun-Va-Digger driver Ryan Anderson dials up the crazy with help from a cameo by YouTuber Cleetus McFarland and his 3000-hp Chevy El Camino.

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Watch Travis Pastrana in 862-HP Subaru in

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