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2022-06-15 11:20:32 By : Ms. Nancy Xu

WAUWATOSA, WI — Wauwatosa police responded to multiple calls, including several stolen cars, dog attacks and a bullet hole in a portable toilet, according to police logs from May 13 to Thursday.

Here are some of the notable incidents from the Wauwatosa Police Department logs.

Kia Stolen From Home, SUV Stolen Without Keys

A Wauwatosa woman reported that her Kia Soul was stolen from her house on the 11000 block of W. Wisconsin Avenue between May 12 and May 13, police logs showed. Police found the car on May 13.

A different Wauwatosa woman reported her Kia Seltos SUV was stolen from a parking lot on the 11000 block of W. Burleigh Road on Tuesday. The woman had the keys to the car and broken glass was left behind where it was parked.

A car rental business reported one of its cars was never returned at the 1700 block of N. Mayfair Road on Thursday, police logs showed. The car was due back on May 9.

Dog Attacked By Another Dog, Man Bit

A Wauwatosa woman reported her mother's dog was attacked by another dog near N. 69th Street and W. Hillcrest Avenue on May 13, police logs showed.

A man reported he was bit by a Shepard mix dog on the 1600 block of Rivers Bend on Thursday, police logs showed.

Construction Company Finds Bullet Hole In Port-O-John

A construction supervisor reported a bullet hole in the door of a portable toilet at a construction site on the 2900 block of N. Mayfair Road on Monday, police logs showed. Police couldn't find a bullet casing or fragment and only one bullet hole was found.

Stranger Enters Apartment, Steals Blanket

A Wauwatosa woman reported that someone entered her apartment at the 12000 block of W. North Avenue, police logs showed. The person stole a blanket before the woman woke up and scared them away.

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